Redefine success. Reinvent your business.

Before we dive into what I’m about to say, I want to clarify that most of the people I serve are not working full-time in wellness. They already have a steady source of income and have acknowledged that there’s something more they’re looking for – beyond money, material gain, or ‘success’.


Most of our students have their needs covered. Some may even consider themselves (me included) privileged.

The wonderful insight that comes with privilege, if you’re open to seeing it, is that you can ‘have it all’, but still feel like something’s missing.


I have found that for many of our students, stepping into studying and working in wellness is a step towards searching for that missing piece of the puzzle.


They’ve stepped into the wellness space because they’ve been inspired from within to offer care and support to others. And in serving and caring for others, incidentally take steps towards discovering more about themselves.

This preface offers context to the point of today’s post:


If you’ve been put off by the messaging of the majority of business coaching ads on the internet (promises for six-figures, booking out, scaling, etc), or if you’ve ‘tried on’ business but it didn’t quite fit, I want to reassure you that the ‘business’ (and business training/coaching) side of running a business is not the issue.


The real issue could be that these business goals don’t align with your deeper reason for starting your business.

If your main reasons for starting a business are to a) help others, while you b) explore your own purpose and path, right now, you probably aren’t thinking about making all the monies, or scaling.


What if, when it comes to business, what you truly need (and want) is to know how to set up a simple, smart, impact-driven business that allows you to serve and give back in a sustainable manner?


If so, your focus will be less about money, and less about material gain.


If this is you, your focus will simply be building your ideal business, with your mission, values, expertise, niche, and unique constraints and life direction in mind.


So… Can you and will you make money as a wellness practitioner?


Of course!


But how much money you make is up to you: Your efforts. Your skill level. The customer experience you offer. The results you deliver. Your karma/destiny. Your goals and needs.


And will not determine the ultimate success of your business.

If you’re looking to realign your business with your desire to serve, here are my 3 top tips to get you started:


1. Redefine what success in your business looks like to you. What are your goals? What are your markers of success?


2. Build a business framework that works for you and your unique circumstances. Perhaps you only want to take on one client at a time, or 2 yoga classes a week, or maybe you’re someone that would prefer to work behind the scenes in your industry. It’s your life and your business – you get to decide how you deliver your services and how often you show up.


3. Create a business model that is simple and sustainable. Start with what you can manage right now. Prioritize helping people, maintaining your own health, and staying committed to gradually improving your skills. Trust that your business will grow with you (as you continue growing personally and professionally).


Does any of this resonate for you?
What kind of business would you like to create?
Let me know by replying to this email.


I have an exciting new tool coming out next week! Similar to my Life Audit tool, but for business – a diagnostic tool that will help you assess your current situation, and strategize and plan around building toward your ideal business.


Live to serve, and serve to live!


Well wishes,

Sami xo

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